Reflection on the Design Process

Overall working on HomieOut was an eye opening experience. Being able to attack such a big social impact problem such as homelessness felt overwhelming at first, but as we went through each step we were able to identify some ideas and solutions that are actually…

Secondary Research

As a group, we all started by brainstorming social impact topics below is a screenshot of the brainstorming activity we did with the group. We then rated our top choices to pick the one that resonated the most with us.

Three of the group’s members lived in California…

SOOD’s Time Capsule being found.

For this week's project, I wanted to combine my previously written articles on choosing items for a time capsule and the designing of a time capsule with building the perfect story and narrative of how it would go once the time capsule was found.


Redefining Muslim Fashion — Time Capsule I

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, I had a dream of starting something of my own, but the big question was what industry would that be in? It took me some years to figure this out and after years of dabbling in…

Sana Maqsood

founder of sood, designer @ amazon, grad student @nyu

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